A shop full of Bohemian Moroccan Trends

Our story starts from Reina's romantic relationship to Marrakech. Not only did Reina find her love in Marrakech, but she fell in love with the arts, designs, architecture, food and music of the arab world & Morocco.

My dreams was always to live everyday with passion and create beauty, a beauty that brings happiness and satisfation to oneself and the ones around, says Reina.

She loves with passion the patterns and designs of all Moroccan arts and have studied them.

This is a family business, where friends and relatives are in the craftsmanship of caftan, babouches and Moroccan Poufs.
Once they all came together, the rest fell to its place naturally.
Reina designs most of the patterns and style, and Abdellatif brings the patterns and designs into his workshop, and the design is realised by 3-4 staff, namely Rachid and Radone who are experienced with Moroccan traditional caftans.
Sometimes Reina will instruct meticulously, as her designs are unique and need to be intstructed.
Babouche is done the same as well. Reina designs the patterns/colours and are made in the workshop.

It takes 3 days for a caftan and 1-2 day for a babouche.
Handcraft takes a lot of time, but it's worth it.

At Maison De Marrakech, they love what they do and have passion for the arts.
All members of Maison De Marrakech hope you can feel their love, passion and dedication for this art too!

:::If you would like more selections of our MOROCCAN POUFS, please go to:
https://www.maisondemarrakech.com/collections/moroccan-leather-poufs<br />
:::If you would like more selections of our Moroccan VINTAGE Rugs:
https://www.maisondemarrakech.com/collections/moroccan-berber-carpets<br />
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https://www.maisondemarrakech.com/collections/cushions-pillows<br />
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